I'm actually fairly proud of this one. Knocked out in an afternoon, the simple mechanics lend to addictive gameplay. The art was simple enough and finding old crappy sounds to fit the aesthetic was easy!

zipman v.1

You are playing as Dr.Foddensteimerheimerlinger, A.K.A zipman. The great Dr. has created a device which allows him to move short distances at great speeds. Zipping around. However, as mad scientists tend to do, Dr.Foddensteimerheimerlinger pushed it too far, and too fast. The Dr. has ended up in an alternate dimension and he needs your help to find his way out!

Using zipman's abilities, reach the white doorway on each level to progress to the next. They take you to random locations in time and space, though! Who knows when zipman will find his way home?

(Dev tip: He never will, the levels go on infinitely... main aim is to up your highest streak number.)

Give me some feedback and let me know what you think!


Left and Right Arrows will zip you left and right (duh)
Down arrow will drop you exactly where you are.
Backspace or ESC will return to the menu and save your score. (or tapping EXIT if you're using touch controls)

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Excellent! Simple, yet challenging and fun. Please check out my music in my collection. Thanks!